WWE has taken some big steps as of late. For the longest time – NXT has been focused on up and coming stars, a few years ago it was all about creating stars such as Wade Barrett, Titus Oneil and in some rare cases, letting some stars shine through as was the case with Daniel Bryan.

The last year or so – we’ve seen big stars coming in that include Kevin Steen, now known as Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and just recently, Samoa Joe has signed with NXT.

What this means as that WWE is doing business as they should be – in a way to attract new fans and gain back old fans who gave up years ago. For the last 4-5 years, it’s been arguably a tough time despite some sell out crowds and some big hits with wrestlers such as Daniel Bryan, but at the same time injuries and politics behind the scenes have slowed thing down resulting in less than stellar results.

Going forward WWE has a real opportunity to come up with matches that will ignite a very important flame of interest that will bring back the older demographic that are in the 18-35 range who have long ago left the WWE universe due to frustrations.

Only time will tell but right things are looking really positive.

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