Not since the years of Macho Man, Miss Elizabeth and Hulk Hogan has there been such potential for a love triangle to not only bring a great feud to light in Ziggler vs Rusev but also a storyline that can bring n new fans and peak the interest of existing ones who are looking for some interesting stories to keep up with

While Dolph Ziggler has not been bad at all with his recent run in continued effort to rise to the top by stealing the show, every single night he has now partnered up with someone who is arguably becoming one of the most popular characters in WWE at the moment.

With Rusev’s powerful undefeated run being crushed by John Cena in the last 3 matches, this was the necessary storyline to keep Rusev and Lana relevant and interesting

It remains to be seen what the WWE will do with this potential storyline but it has definitely sparked a new found interest level that has not existed in WWE for a very long time

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