Who is Bobby Lashley? Most of us remember him as the guy who faced Umaga at Wrestlemania when the current president Donald Trump’s hair was on the line as was Vince McMahon which Bobby Lashley won and helped shave Vince McMahon’s hair

Fast forward several years – Lashley took a chance at fighting in Bellator MMA and went to wrestle in TNA for a few years and now he is back in the WWE.

Is the man a super athlete – absolutely! Does he have the credentials to be a possible threat in the WWE to Brock Lesnar, definitely – but unfortunately we do not see WWE pulling the trigger on him fighting for the title

The decision is a difficult one but a correct one – at the end of the day Bobby Lashley lacks the necessary edginess, charisma and star quality power that makes people care enough. The fact of the matter is – WWE is entertainment, and when we see Lashley on tv we are not entertained. You can say it’s because of the writers and you can say it’s how he’s being booked but in our eyes, the only way for Lashley to get to the next level would be to make a complete overhaul on his look and character and it seems like this is simply not going to happen

That being said – as long as Lashley stays healthy, he can have a long and successful career in the WWE and while he will not likely be the WWE universal champion, he may be a good fit for the intercontinental and possibly tag team championship where he would be able to have others in that area help produce some good tv off of him

He is a good solid wrestler that still has at least another 4-5 years left in the tank


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